İsmail Kara and M. Selim Kara are the two sons among 9 children of Kamil İsmail and Zehra Kara. İsmail Kara was born in 1927 and M.Selim Kara in 1929. In 1940’s the brothers started stone transportation and stone quarry business by horse-drawn car. Starting out to make the first trip between Antakya– Ceyhan–Adana–Tarsus–Mersin line in 1952 with a truck-like bus, the brothers have taken their first steps in transportation sector.

Proceeding with their activities in collaboration with Koreli Turizm in 1960, the brothers opened Antakya – Ankara and Antakya – Istanbul lines. Besides, carrying on their commercial activities with motor vehicle purchase-sale, the brothers acquired Good-Year and US Royal tyres and Panar Motor dealerships.

İsmail Kara and M. Selim Kara married to two sisters, respectively called Sıdıka and Mediha. 3 daughters and 1 son were born to İsmail Kara, and 3 daughters and 5 sons were born to M. Selim Kara. While trying to develop the partnership established, Kara brothers, who attached great importance to their children’s education, sent them to boarding schools in Adana and İzmir to receive a higher level of education.

Completing their education in 1980’s, the second generation Kara brothers started to take part in the company management together with their fathers. Later, Has Turizm which started to operate on a geography extending from Middle East to Soviet Unions, came to be managed by a board of directors composed of family members only.

When Ismail Kara, one of the brothers, passed away on 18 November 1996, the family decided to found a school in order to indicate immortality of the two brothers. Thus, a girl’s vocational high school has been rendered to the education sector, which provides education under the name of İsmail-Mehmet Selim kara in Samandağ district today.

The partnership established by the two brothers is still kept alive by their children today.